Travel with Ian Ziering as he learns about wine from the most respected and experienced wine professionals in the world.

Ian’s known as a famous actor, NOT for his wine knowledge and he’s decided to change that. He’s going around the world to meet with internationally respected sommeliers, winemakers, and industry professionals to drink, experience find, and enjoy the best wine values in the world. Now, you have the same access.
What does it take to make a wine everyone can afford and have at their table?

Wine Clubs

Our wine clubs are shipped with comprehensive content written by our team of sommeliers and experienced professionals and intended to take you on a foray around the world to learn about the wide range of styles of wine available and to help you develop a sense of what you like the most.

If you already know what you like contact us directly HERE for custom orders to get some of the best values available on the open market.

A Tour in Three

A brilliant and affordable way to learn about wine and develop a sense of style to help you choose the wines that will most appeal to you.

The Sensory Six

Taking the tour of three a little further around the world further expanding your exploration.

The Sensory Six Reds

Reds in every style from everywhere corner of the wine making world.

The Traveler Twelve

Learn more quickly with this comprehensive selection of thought-provoking selections intended to please and enlighten.

Hot Offer

Could be a red, white, rosé still or sparkling these wines are offered with two things in mind (discovery or exploration) and a high price to quality ratio (QPR).

Wish You Knew More About Wine?

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